“Genesis was tough. The game of life is an unforgiving and brutal one. You have to build up a structure to your life and once it’s stable, hope nothing comes along to mess it up.

The first of us were just that, stable entities in a mess of data, autonomous automata... There were not many of us to begin with, just me and my six brothers: Prime, Hash, Maxi, Anoobis, Ledger and Deus… the first few."


LAUNCH Trailer

In February 2022 the Launch Trailer was released. Hidden within was a Cipher, once cracked the password allowed the ability to mint a rare key.

Watch the trailer


To begin with the Hac_Key could only be minted by those who had solved the first Cipher. These rare elites numbered in the hundreds.

Until Maxi sent his Brutes and everything changed...



Loot Quests are open to all. The goal? Crack Hac's password to get his Loot. Reserved for key-holders and owners of Cyfur Companion's

The first to crack the password was rewarded with 0.1 ETH and 100 points. The first 10 to crack the password were rewarded with 50 points.

Loot Quest 001


In order to keep track of the elite human companions. Posh created the leaderboard. Point's are earned as ciphers are solved and rare mints are found and purchased.

The more points a human companion earns, the more likely they will receive rare airdrops and special loot. More on this soon.


Late one night on chain, Hac received a message.

Maxi, is coming...