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Picture of Hac the Cyfur in front of lots of monitors. Ethereum and  Posh can be seen on the screens.



What are cyfurs?

Cyfurs are a collection of 7,420 utility-enabled Web3 Companions that have a diverse and unique pool of powerful traits and skills.

Cyfurs themselves are intelligent, autonomous, digital creatures native to blockchains and composed of pure code.

We are adding a gamified layer to the exploration of everything Defi, P2e and digital art collection and providing real world rewards.

Learn More about the Cyfur lore.


Once a key only for those who could solve the first cipher. A snapshot has been taken and now the key is open to all for a limited amount of time. Moving us on to our next phase.

The Hac_Key is our first key and only for early adopters. This is your entrance ticket to the Cyfurs Continuum where you will gain priority access to all future mints and win loot quests.

Win Eth, vehicles, spaceships, Illuvials, art, land and a chance of having bespoke Cyfur in Loot Quests.


I have known Jerome for over 20 years and the results have always been top notch. A senior designer as we rarely see, and above all very responsive.

David Sitbon
CMO - Leia Inc.

Jerome is a talented designer with whom I have been fortunate enough to work for over 15 years now. Its ability to reinvent itself in a constantly evolving universe, in order to follow new trends, styles, or use new tools, will always continue to amaze me. He's also an efficient and loyal person on who you can count on, in all situation.

Romain Brabant
Founder & CEO - SEO Buddy